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It’s All In The Name - ’Pen-Pal’

It's funny how time flies and how times have changed. I am sure you are familiar with the popular statement, "oh how I miss the good old days! ", but were they really good old days? I feel that is something to ponder about. 

The other day my daughter asked me about 'pen-pals' and I immediately reminisced about how it was such a big thing to have a pen-pal, when I was growing up. 

Don't get me wrong, we all did have friends in the neighborhood, but there was just something exciting about receiving a letter in the mail. I began to smile as I remember how I would come back from school, so excited to check the mail and see if there was a letter from your pen-pal. We lived for those moments and when you see that familiar handwriting on the envelope, you'd feel such a rush of excitement! 

In hindsight, it was only just a letter but that letter meant a lot to me as teenager. 

Nowadays, you'd be suprised to receive a letter in the mail as services such as emails, Imessage and Facebook ( just to name a few) are such prominent forces. 

There is absolutely nothing nothing wrong with technology but looking back, l treasure those letters that l would get in the mailbox after having to wait for 2 months just for a response! 

The smell of the paper ,the envelope, the stamps...

From those envelopes, we enjoyed collecting stamps from all over the world and creating what we used to call, 'A Stamp Book' . 

Memories like these, made while growing up, are important to treasure!

- 🦋


  1. I remember when I used to be in high school and our teachers encouraged us to have pen pals with students based in Indonesia. But then the programme stopped once our teachers realised that some boys pretended to be girls LOL. Very strange of them to do that, now looking back I guess that was catfishing in the early stages?

    - Sonam, Kind Culture


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