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Why Camping Is Not For Me

Sometimes, one needs to leave the busy city atmosphere and be one with nature.
My husband loves to surprise us with unexpected trips. Usually, we plan as a family but sometimes we can never really agree on where to go. In such cases, we have a family tradition where we leave the ball in my husband’s court and he gets to suprise us!
This particular trip was surprisingly different from what we are used to and we aren't quite "outdoorsy" people. This was definitely something out of the ordinary and new for us to try out.

Our cabin was situated near a lake. It was truly a beautiful scene...until night time arrived - that is when everything suddenly went wrong. We were aware of the fact that we would come across different bugs, but we weren't sure to what extent.
We had already been told upon checking in, that it is best to stay indoors if we aren't used to what comes out at night! That was not a problem for us as we were exhausted from the drive. The unfortunate part was that they had not told us about what happens inside the cabin at night.

When we were all sleeping, my daughters began to hear 'things' falling from the roof ( this was a thatch roof).
At first, we ignored the sounds out of sheer exhaustion.
Suddenly -at the same time- my daughter and I felt something land on our blankets. Immediately, we jumped out of bed and screamed! We were convinced it was a snake. My husband quickly switched on the lights and checked our beds. He then assured us that there was nothing. We calmed down and decided to go back to sleep.

The second time, however, we were woken up by my husband who jumped out of bed. He claimed "something" had landed on his pillow because he felt the impact.
Out of fear, we decided as a family, that the best thing to do was to sleep in the car. We left all the blankets in the cabin and made a run for the car.
In the morning, it decided that it was time to go home. None of us were interested in investigating what had happened the previous night, we just wanted to get out and go home.
That particular day was an eye opener for us because we realised that day we are not people who are too fond of nature!
When we look back at it, its hard not to see the humour in it, it was what l call “an unexpected experience”.


  1. What a lovely read! I relate to this so much but I've had a share of both worlds. Growing up, my parents were very outdoorsy and we literally went camping every weekend! My dad would wake all of us up at 530 am on saturday and drive 3 hours away to our lakeside campsite and we'd stay overnight then head back home to the city on sunday late afternoon. My best memories are from camping! Now fast forward 15 years and I'm in my early twenties and go camping with the family maybe once a year and dread it haha! I always miss a hot shower and my big bed with lots of blankets and pillows!!

    1. I love the comfort of a warm bed indoors with a good read or movie

  2. My partner loves camping and outdoor walks. I hate walking outside - I dislike the long wakes in nature, I find it quite boring, but I am working on liking it better by going out more! I thought it was just me that didn't like camping and being outdoorsy, but it's good to hear others feel the same.

  3. I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Camping out in nature and getting away from the city lights, cell phones, and hustle and bustle is one of my very favorite things in the world!

  4. I have never been camping before, I don’t think I would like to now. I did think about it, but I think that glamping is more for me. Thank you for sharing.



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